Climbing in Zion

November 1, 2015

Tim and I at the base of Sheer Lunacy getting psyched for a fun physical day on this beautiful cliff. 


 Tim put the rope up for me all day.  The climbing was pretty awesome! Typical Zion, with sandy holds and no lines.  We watched aid climbers on Lunar Ectasy while we napped in the shade waiting for the crux pitch to go into the shade.

  After some zzzzz’s, Tim rallied us to the summit.  The final pitches were full value and we were glad to be in the shade.  The walk off on the Angel’s Landing Trail was pretty awesome.  Hard to believe there’s a sidewalk all the way up here.  After this big day, Tim let me guide him up some easier stuff. We climbed Cynthia’s Handjob, and as you can imagine, it was Excellent! Followed by The Toilet Cracks, which despite the name, were also Superb!  We also checked out some more crazy cool hiking trails, Hidden Canyon trail and Observation Point before the storm.   


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