2015 Ski Dream

El Niño, El Niño … I’m sitting here in Miami, Florida celebrating Thanksgiving with Tim’s family and watching posts of fresh powder skiing all over the Internet.  Being an avid skier, I can’t help feeling like I might miss out.  We are leaving here directly to Buenos Aires heading to Patagonia for December and January to climb.  Being the holiday for Thanks and Giving, I’m taking this opportunity to do both.  Be Thankful for the great skiing we had last season in the Chugach followed by the incredible month of August skiing in Las Leñas, Argentina. I want to give my sincerest wishes to all my friends for the best winter ever! 

Las Lenas in August 2015.  We hiked amazing terrain!!

  Some from the ski resort and some from the road.  
  We skied the most amazing couloirs in great conditions. Long and steep!  
  I was really happy!  It was my first trip skiing in South America with a great partner, Tim and amazing hosts, Sunny and Mike! I am so Thankful!

I am also Thankful for the past 20+ years of skiing in the Chugach Mountains!  Especially, this last season as you will see ! 

  Notice the boot track up this backyard line! I got a photo of Tim on top on my way home from work!  
  Most of these pictures have real size humans on very big ski lines! Look close.  
  I am thankful for the amazing terrain and guide team at Valdez Heli Ski Guides!  
  Plenty deep!  
  Tiny little people on Spinal Tap.  
  Blower Blower Blower!  
  Backyard favorite, RFS!     
Hard not to love this run! The Wall.  I am so Thankful for the amazing ski season and hope everyone gets their fill!




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